Drop-In Child Care Now Available!

Drop-In Care is an option for families visiting the area or those needing occasional child care.  If you are skiing for the day, shopping in the area, or taking a day to take a hike or a bike ride, we can help.


YOU MUST MAKE A RESERVATION AT LEAST 1 WEEK IN ADVANCE IF IT IS THE FIRST TIME YOUR CHILD HAS BEEN AT OUR SCHOOL.  March is the busiest month for drop in care, so plan well in advance!

Daily pricing is $75/day for infants at least eight weeks through children age 5 if you live or work in Summit County.  If you live and work outside of Summit County daily pricing is $125/day.  There is a one time $50 registration fee, per child at the time of the initial reservation. To reserve a space or get additional information, please call 970-668-5508 or email director@summitcountypreschool.com


Prior to your child's attendance, enrollment and medical forms must be completed and submitted so that we can put all information into our computerized system.  Immunization records must be submitted as well.  Use the download button to print off appropriate forms.


On the day(s) of the visit(s), children should have all necessities (clearly marked with their identifying name) with them.  For infants, this means bottles and diapers, swaddling blankets, and pacifiers.  Toddlers and preschoolers need outside clothes (be prepared for winter play), extra clothes, and any sleeping favorites, such as stuffed animals or blankets for naptime.

"Socialization, numbers and letters and how to be away from Mom and Dad!"