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Enrichment Programs

Summit County Preschool is proud to offer enrichment programs in addition to daily classes.

Trailblazers Ski Program


Summit County is THE place to ski in Colorado, so our little ones enjoy taking lessons and starting a lifelong sport. The physical benefits include: blood flow to the brain, relieves stress and anxiety (helping school performance), and repetition helps retrain the brain to be more attentive. In addition, skiing helps our little ones have stronger muscles and bones, leaner bodies to help control body fat, and having a better outlook on life.


In January and February, our three and four-year-old children are provided the opportunity to take skiing lessons at Copper Mountain. The children are bussed from the preschool to Copper and back on ski days. The fee for skiing is NOT included in the regular tuition schedule, but what a wonderful opportunity for them to learn the sport that most of us are in Summit County ski!



Another "healthy" component of SCP is our Funsical program with Mr. Scotty. Scotty is a music and gross motor specialist that visits our school every other Tuesday. Our little ones dance to songs, move with rhythms, and emulate animals to get their blood flowing to their brains!

Food Tastings
Every week our children get the opportunity to explore a "unique" and new type of food.  They spend the week learning about the food through stories, tasting the food, and exploring the food through touch.  This is a great way to positively introduce our children to new types of foods. 
Woodward Classes


Throughout the year we take our preschoolers to the Woodward Barn at Copper for classes.  We offer these sessions a couple times during the year.  The children will take the hour and a half long classes for 6 weeks, attending once a week.  The kids always have so much fun doing obstacle courses, jumping into the foam pits, and jumping on the trampolines!

Recycling, Gardening & Composting


Summit County Preschool has a school garden where we grow such vegetables as beans, peas, and a variety of greens. The Copper Environmental Foundation has provided the school with two grants to not only start the garden but to provide the support for this ongoing project!


Art Classes


 This winter Frosted Flamingo came once a week, teaching the children about art.  She has been bringing fun activities, such as mashed potato sculptures

Fall Soccer


During the fall our preschoolers have the opportunity to participate in soccer classes every Tuesday for 45 minutes at Walter Byron Park.  They have so much fun participating in the Tiny Tykes program with their friends!

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