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SCP is a non-profit, volunteer organization and we truly believe that parental involvement is key to a creating a positive environment at our school. As such, we rely on our parental and overall community for donations of materials, monetary donations, and time. Your volunteer time for fundraising and operational activities helps us keep childcare costs as low as possible. Volunteering to help with day-to-day operations of the preschool and fundraising activities helps to build a sense of commitment to your child’s care and education.
Volunteering also gives you a chance to meet teachers, board members, and other families. It provides you an opportunity to take an active role in your child’s development. We need your support in maintaining the high-quality standard that we at SCP hold ourselves to.

There are several fundraising opportunities throughout the year where volunteers are needed. These include Breakfast with Santa, Music on Main, Town of Frisco events, and various activities throughout the year (cookie dough sales, wrapping paper sales, etc.). Additional volunteer opportunities include recycling, landscaping, maintenance days, shoveling, and other duties. Throughout the year, there are volunteer opportunities posted on the board at the entrance of the school. Please check the parent daily email for information and opportunities.
Another option that rises occasionally is classroom parent helpers. If you are interested in helping in your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s teacher or Program Coordinator. Classroom volunteers at SCP follow the same rules and regulations as regular staff members. These volunteers work under the direction of a teacher, Program Coordinator or Executive Director. Please contact the school or any board member for information on volunteer opportunities.


#1. Recycling
#2. Shovel Sn​ow
#3. City Market Card
#4. Cartridge Recycling


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