Our four year old class had such a great time shooting off rockets today! They made a device to shoot off their rockets with a soda bottle and PVC piping. They made their rockets and then stomped on the soda bottle to shoot them up into the air. One went so high it went onto our roof. They also enjoyed the nice Summer weather today (finally) by eating lemonade pops they had made while shooting off their rockets.

Pinecone Painting

We had a rainy day today at the preschool, so this morning was a great time for our one year old class to do an art project. They used pine cones to paint with yellow and red paint. Some of the children enjoyed painting with the pine cones, some chose to paint with a paintbrush instead, and some just chose to use their hands. Check out some pictures from the painting!

Preschool Water Day!

Summer is finally here! The preschoolers had so much fun with their first water day of the season yesterday! Check out some of the pictures below.

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